Oprah and Deepak have another 21-day journey coming up.  They did three of these last year – Desire and Destiny, Relationship, and Perfect Health – each sweet in it’s own way, and this one is called Finding Your Flow.

The journeys have all had the same structure.  Each day, Oprah does  a little introduction about the principle du jour (such as gratitude, surrender, clarity of vision), then Deepak goes into the subject at greater length and at the end leads you through a ten-minute meditation.

They are both famously wise beings, and the discussion of principles is especially fascinating – really higher-order stuff.

Some meditations are classic style – focusing on a mantra, with a different mantra for each – while others are more journeys than meditations.  For example, he might ask you to visualize walking up a mountainside on a narrow path, then describe things that happen as you do, in a journey designed to give you some insight into your inner workings.

If you’re interested, it’s good to make the time to try it out while it’s free – afterwards the price for one CD (21 meditations) is around $50, and for a three-CD set, $130.

Here’s the link to sign up.

21 Day Journey