Deva and Miten have done it again – they’re offering another, all new 21-day meditation journey, The Spirit of Mantra.

As with their first journey, each day opens with Deva and Miten talking about the significance of the day’s mantra, followed by a short meditation.

Deva and Miten’s mantra descriptions are inspiring – they are, after all, the queen and king of chant – and by the same token, their Journey is very much a chanted one, which is to say that the meditations are all chanted mantras set to music.   It is a fairly dynamic and structured way to meditate, with an external focus and rythym, rather than internal, but nevertheless has it’s own special charm.

Even if you have a set practice, you’ll learn a thing or two and it’s always nice to try something new.    The Journey begins on May 14th!

Just click here to go to the website:  The Spirit of Mantra