Equinox!  It’s here!  This is an awesome day to meditate and there are several global meditations going on.

Wildmind Buddhist is broadcasting a loving kindness meditation on their UTube channel.  It starts 15 minutes before the precise moment of Equinox (16.57 UTC) which as Wildmind so kindly details, translate to the following times.

UK, Thursday, March 20, 4:42 – 5:12 PM

Western Europe: Thursday, March 20, 5:42 – 6:12 PM

US (EST): Thursday, March 20, 12:42 – 1:12 PM

Brazil (DF): Thursday, March 20, 1:42 – 2:12 PM

Ethiopia: Thursday, March 20, 7:42 – 8:12 PM

China: Friday, March 21, 2014, 00:42 – 1:12 AM

Australia (Victoria): Friday, March 21, 3:42 – 4:12 AM

Another group, Clearing the Air ~ Healing Our Air, is doing a forgiveness meditation.

Other groups are just asking people to meditate at any time during the day, and MedMob is doing a meditation on Saturday.

So there should be a lot of nice meditative energy circulating – a good time both to turn inward and to contribute your beautiful vibe to the whole.

Happy Equinox!