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Beautiful Meditation is here to help you meditate — to support you on your unique path as you grow in consciousness — with cool (and free!) meditation resources. Especially when we’re first starting out, there are certain things that can really help and the intent here is to provide some of those. 

The Best Meditation Music

Good meditation music takes you inward, supporting your meditation in a gentle, unobtrusive way.  You would think that finding good meditation music would be easy, but alas, experience proves otherwise — in fact, finding music you love can be a daunting task.

The problem is that a track may begin beautifully but for whatever reason — often the overuse of electronic loops — it becomes repetitive or otherwise uninspiring.   The happy news is that there really IS some excellent meditation music out there.

To help you find some of the good stuff fast, I’m putting together a collection of the best meditation music I can find.   There are too many albums to list on just one page, so you’ll find it organized into five categories.  Click here for more.

 The Best Meditation Music – Read More


Free Online Meditation Short Course

This free, online short course is intended for the newcomer to meditation and is designed to get you meditating right away.

The short course guides you through a three-part module on how to meditate using mantra meditation, a classic technique that is especially easy to do.  There are a number of things you can do to make your meditation even nicer, and a second module on meditation posture helps you understand what makes a position really comfortable (or not!).   There’s more info on these immediately below, or you can go directly to the tutorial by clicking here.

Meditation Tutorial – Opening Page

Free Online Meditation Tutorial

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is one of the great, classic meditative traditions – the fruit of thousands of years of meditators sharing their experiences and discoveries from generation to generation.  It is also an excellent technique for first-time meditators because it’s so very easy to do.

There are three parts to this section.  You’ll start with an introduction to meditation – what it is and what to expect, generally, once you start meditating.  Next, you’ll be given a selection of beautiful mantras to choose from, each with it’s meaning and pronunciation.   Finally, you’ll be guided step-by-step through a mantra meditation.

Mantra Meditation

Meditation Resources - Mantra Meditation

Meditation Posture – Your Guide to Finding Balance

One meditation basic is how to get comfortably situated – to seat your self in such a way that you’re aligned and balanced, yet at the same time sooo comfortable that you can completely relax.  This guide will help you find that balance.

Meditation Posture – Your Guide to Finding Balance

Meditation and How to Meditate

Meditation Groups – Tips for the First Time

Thinking about going to a meditation group for the first time, and wondering what to expect? Here are a few tips and pointers.

Tips for the First Time – Read More

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A Directory of Meditation Groups

Info on meditation groups tends to be scattered across Google, Meetup and local magazines, and buried in the busy schedules of yoga studios, community centers and churches (which Google doesn’t see).  It can take hours of scouring the web find all the groups available in a particular city, more time than anyone would be willing to spend.  Finding a group you like shouldn’t have to be that hard.

So, this is a project to make it easier (and more fruitful!) by creating a comprehensive directory of meditation groups by city, one that brings all the different groups together in one place.  It is, however, a work in progress, and I expect to add cities, slowly (very slowly!), over time.

Meditation Groups – Read More

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Meditation News and Events

There are interesting meditation events happening all year long, many unique and new.  Last year, for example, Oprah and Deepak did three 21-day guided journeys,  Deva and Miten did a 21-day mantra program and there were a number of synchronized global meditations.   News and events of this sort are all on the News and Events page, along with the occasional article.

You can get news posts sent to you automatically by clicking the RSS feed button at the top of the page.  I often announce such things on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, if any of those work better for you.

News and Events – The Blog

Meditation Events - In the Beautiful Meditation Blog


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Kindred Practices

There are numerous kindred practices that, besides being wonderful pursuits themselves, are very supportive of meditation and moreover, of conscious living – yoga, dance, massage, reiki, qi gong, ayurveda, nutrition and other ways to foster emotional and spiritual growth. This section will be composed of brief descriptions and links to other resources you may find helpful.

Free Meditation Resources

By Sharon Rose Summers