Full Moon Meditation

 On Sunday, March 16th, join people around the globe in a beautiful full moon meditation.

 The thinking is that when many people meditate on the same day, it sends a wave of meditative energy through our collective consciousness, raising us all a teeny bit higher.  And, if that’s not reason enough, the full moon has a really sweet vibe all it’s own that makes for lovely meditation.

 This particular full moon is known as the Worm Moon, so named by the Algonquin Indians of dear, mostly frozen New England.  In that chilly part of the world, this is the month when the soil softens and the earthworms appear, inviting the return of the robins.

 The robins, by the way, just made a major appearance here in Texas – hundreds flew by our house, stopping in the garden to drink  – and they are noisy!

 In any case, happy meditating!