Global Peace Prayer and Meditation – a Call to Unite our Hearts as One   This is a 24-hour synchronized global meditation that is to start at Mt. Fuji where, the organizers anticipate, ten thousand people will gather for a three-hour ceremony of meditation and prayer for peace.   The ceremoney begins on Saturday, May 17th at 9 pm Eastern time in the US – which is Sunday morning at 10 am in Japan – and the idea is that others will carry it forward, encircling the global there for 24 more hours.

So, you are invited to join in wherever you may be, whenever you like!

It may sound a little far out, but the idea is to uplift our collective consciousness by sending a wave of grace and goodwill around the planet, sweeping the world with meditative energy.

This wave is organized by the Global Peace folks.  They have some more instructions, if you’d like, outlining a world peace prayer ceremony.  For more information, you can check out their website here.