A new tutorial on mantra meditation and how to meditate!  I recently added this to the Beautiful Meditation website and wanted to mention it on the blog.  Mantra meditation is a wonderful practice, one of the great classic meditative traditions – the fruit of generations of meditators sharing their experiences and discoveries.  It is also an excellent meditation technique for beginners because it’s so very easy to do.

Mantras are especially good at displacing verbal thought, being verbal themselves. If you find it difficult to focus on the breath or the surrounding environment – if you are naturally a verbal thinker and nonverbal practices feel odd or uncomfortable – you may find that mantra-based practice really resonates with you.  Mantras are also pretty magical, with a beauty all their own.

This tutorial is designed to get you up and meditating right away.  First it gives you the essentials – what meditation is and what to expect.  Next is a selection of beautiful mantras to choose from (assuming you don’t have one you love already), along with their meaning.  With that, you’ll be ready to meditate.  The next section gives you your choice of written step-by-step guidelines or a guided meditation audio recording to walk you through the first time.

 Some people prefer guided meditation because you don’t have to think about what to do – the audio recording takes care of all that.   Others prefer written guidelines because they like to go at their own pace.

 One way you can make your meditation even nicer is to understand what makes a sitting position comfortable or uncomfortable – or in other words, to understand the dynamics of good meditation posture.  When you sit still for a long time – 20 to 40 minutes – there are certain subtle adjustments you can make that will help you to be relaxed and comfortable the whole time.   The next part of the tutorial goes over each possible sitting position (plus lying down!) and gives you tips and guidance about how to make each work well for you.

 Hope you enjoy it!

How To Meditate – Opening Page

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