Med Mob is a loose network of people who organize highly visible, public meditations at prominent places — the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, and Central Park – on likely dates, such as solstice and equinox, for example.  It’s kind of an Occupy Wall Street for meditators.

These are often done as synchronized global waves, but also pop up on special occasions unique to a locality.   For example, here in beautiful Austin, Texas, Med Mob organized a few large meditations at the opening of the state legislative session, events called OM the Dome because they were held in the huge, domed rotunda of the Texas Capitol building.

It’s quite a sight to see several hundred people from across the spectrum – young and old, flamboyantly hip and quietly conservative – all turned inward, meditating together.  And the energy is, of course, very sweet.

Om the Dome - The Texas Dome

Med mob stands for meditation mobilization and the idea to expose the world to the benefits of meditation and collective prayer and, by example, to invite others to meditate.   Group meditations naturally raise the vibration of a place and the collective consciousness of the people inhabit it, as well.  It was founded about six years ago, right here in Austin, and has grown to 300 cities.

To find an event, Facebook is the place to go – most everything happens there, meaning, that’s where events are announced.  There’s a main Facebook page for Med Mob as a whole, plus individual Facebook pages for individual cities.  There’s also a website (but it’s not always up to date).

Be forewarned, it all very grassroots – a loose network – which means it may evolve over time and you may have to hunt around a bit.   And sometimes events don’t get posted until just days before they happen, so it’s good to check the Facebook pages just before likely dates.

If you want to take the initiative, I believe that anyone is welcome to organize med mob meditations in their city.  There’s a place on the website to sign up, and more info about how it all works.

Med Mob’s Facebook Page

Med Mob’s Website