Meditation Cushions and Mats

Meditation Cushions and Mats

While you don’t need any special gear to meditate, over the years creative meditators have come up with inventive ways to make meditation more comfortable – and the experience even nicer – including a variety of meditation cushions.

Meditation cushions come in many shapes but the three most popular are the round, the crescent moon and the cosmic, pictured below.  They are sometimes referred to as zafu, a Japanese term, courtesy our Zen friends.

Even with a cushion, if you’re seated on a hard surface such as wooden floor or a thin carpet, there will be points on your knees, ankles and feet that take more pressure and these can become painful over time.

It’s far preferable to have a surface with some give beneath you, such as a thick yoga mat, and classic meditation cushions are often paired with a super-thick meditation mat called a zabuton.

Zafu Meditation Cushion - Round

The Round Zafu

The classic zafu is round and comes in several sizes (e.g. small, medium and large).

Zafu Meditation Cushion - Crescent Moon

 The Crescent Moon Zafu

The crescent moon (also called the half moon) is built very much like a zafu, but with room carved out for your feet, a heel cradle that lets you bring your feet closer in.

Zafu Meditation Cushion - the Cosmic

The Cosmic Zafu

In addition to the heel-cradle, the cosmic has a built-in slope with a flat surface that supports your thighs all the way to the floor (no drop-off-point pressure).

It’s All Good

There are some absolutely beautiful cushions and mats out there, made of exquisite materials – even a fashionista can find something she loves.  And there are some earthy models for the light-footprint minded – rugged, utilitarian pieces that will last a lifetime.

At the same time, don’t feel like you have to run out and buy special equipment in order to meditate.  Not at all. Experiment with what you have on hand – cushions and blankets can work really well also.

These are simply options that can make your meditation even nicer, developed over time by people who love to meditate.  The important thing is to be at ease throughout your meditation.

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