7 Guided Meditations – Your Gift with Purchase!

10 Guided Meditations - Your Gift with Purchase

The Guided Meditations

Meditation – Deep and Blissful comes with 7 guided meditations – your free gift with purchase!  Buy the book, then come back here to download your gift!

While you have everything you need in the book, many people prefer guided meditation, especially the first few times. It allows you to completely relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience, without having to worry about what to do next or whether you’re doing it right – the guidance takes care of all that.

After doing a guided meditation a few times, you won’t really need the guidance anymore – you’ll have internalized the technique – but the guided meditation will always be there if you want it.

How It  Works

It’s a simple, two-step process:

1) Look inside your copy of Meditation – Deep and Blissful  for the code.  The code is located in Chapter 10 under The Guided Meditations.

2) Come back here (to this website), look on the menu for Gift Codes, input your code and download your gift!

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by Sharon Rose Summers