New Book – Meditation Deep and Blissful!

  • New Book - Meditation - Deep and Blissful - by Sharon Rose Summers
  • Comes with seven guided meditations as audio downloads - your gift with purchase!
  • New to meditation? This book gives you practical guidelines with everything you need to know.
  • Tried meditation but found the experience disappointing? This book gives you insight into the reasons why.
  • Even the seasoned meditator will come away with new insights and realizations.
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Comes with 7 Guided Meditations

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Meditation - Deep and Blissful

Meditation - Deep and Blissful is designed for the newcomer as well as the experienced meditator, and especially for anyone who's tried meditation and been disappointed.

For the newcomer, it has practical guidelines with everything you need to know.  It also gives you a comprehensive selection of excellent techniques to explore and make your own (along with easy, step-by-step instructions).  You’ll come away with techniques you love and that really workfor you.

For anyone who’s tried meditation and found the experience disappointing — if you can't seem to move past the internal dialogue and into a meditative state — this book gives you powerful insights into the reasons why people can become frustrated and discouraged, the obstacles to moving into higher states, and shows you how to navigate your way through.  Even the long-seasoned meditator will come away with new realizations and techniques that enhance your practice and take you deeper.


The Three Essentials

There are three essentials to really rich, deep, satisfying meditation. Understanding these paves the way for you to move into deeper, more blissful meditative states.

Essential #1 - Understanding the Mind

One of the things we face in meditation, and in life, is the endlessly arising stream of thoughts and words, that voice in our head that likes to talk (and talk), our tireless companion — the mind. Once you understand how the mind operates — what it’s trying to accomplish and why it keeps switching on — you are much better able to put it on standby and move into deeper states.

Essential #2 - Understanding Emotions

In meditation, what's alive in you is what comes up — including any problems you're facing and your feelings about them.

This book shows you how to work with charged emotion, how to bring it into the light of awareness, within the container of meditation, and be with it in such a way that it dissolves on its own.

This not only feels good — it's such a welcomed relief — but it leaves you serene and centered — in the perfect place for meditation.

Essential #3 - The Right Technique (for You)

Sometimes, if you're having problems meditating — if your experience in meditation is shallow or scattery — it's not you, it's your technique. As a unique individual, certain meditation techniques will resonate with you — they'll really work for you — and others won't. So it's important to identify those that do.

It's also good to have more than one meditation technique at your disposal — a little like having more than one song on your playlist — because certain ones are better for certain circumstances.

  • Some are good for taking you deep — the still and quiet classics.
  • Others are excellent when you’re stressed — the cleansers and energizers. These have powerful restorative qualities.
  • Others are good for the office-bound, combining meditative energy work with gentle exercise.
  • Finally, there are special-purpose meditations, such as deep relaxation, that facilitate your well-being in other ways.

This book gives you a comprehensive selection of excellent techniques in all the above categories. By the time you finish this book, you’ll have a set of techniques — your personal playlist, your customized program — that you love and that really work for you.

With techniques that work for you and the understanding necessary to work with the mind and emotions, you’ll have the essentials you need to really tap into the juice and enjoy truly deep and blissful meditation.


The Guided Meditations

Add A Meditation Group to the DirectoryMeditation - Deep and Blissful comes with 7 guided meditations — your free gift with purchase. Buy the book, then come back here to download your gift!

While you have everything you need in the book, many people prefer guided meditation, especially the first few times. Guided meditation allows you to completely relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience, without having to worry about what to do next—the guidance takes care of that. After a few times, you won't need it anymore—you'll have internalized the technique—but the guided meditation will always be there if you want to return to it.

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