Meditation Groups – A Directory

Meditation Groups - A Directory - Illustration

Meditation Groups – A Directory

When you start looking for a meditation group online, you soon realize that as wonderful as Google usually is, when it comes to meditation, it just doesn’t give you a complete picture.

Some groups meet at places with many activities – at yoga studios, community centers or churches – that don’t show up on a Google search.  At these places, a meditation group is just one more item on a packed electronic schedule that Google just can’t see.  Other groups may only post in groovy local events calendars like Natural Awakenings.

In short, if you’re new to town – or new to meditation – finding a group can be a daunting task.  This project aims to make that a whole lot easier.

Here you’ll find a comprehensive directory of meditation groups, by city, that brings it all together in one place.

It will have everything on Google, Meetup and local magazines PLUS those hard-to-find groups at yoga studios, martial arts dojos, student and community centers, churches and anywhere else people gather to meditate.

The directory itself is not yet ready – it’s one big work in progress!  There’s only one city so far – dear Austin, Texas – and I hope to add more cities over time.  Meanwhile, thank you for your patience!

To go to the Austin directory, click here:

Directory of Meditation Groups in Austin Texas

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