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Beautiful Chant Music for Meditation

Chant is an ancient practice, and traditional chants were quite simple – a mantra intoned on a few notes, in a sing-song way.  But modern chant is set to music and chants are much more like beautiful songs.  These are some of loveliest.

It can be illuminating to know something of the philosophy behind the practice. The mantras used in chant are thought to be imbued with certain energies or qualities of the Divine – precious and holy – and the mantra works on you to bestow or align you with these qualitites.

So, here is a menu of gorgeous chants to choose from.  These are excellent choices of background music for meditation, selected because they are subdued and non-intrusive (as well as beautiful).

Chant Music for Meditation by Deva Premal, Mitan and ManoseDeva Premal, Miten and Manose

Deva and Miten are sort of the queen and king of chant, with Manose their crown prince — long-time and very popular chanteurs — and they have quite a body of lovely work. Much of their music is dynamic — great for chant and yoga — but certain selections have a way of sweeping you into your inner realm.

These are particularly nice for opening a meditation — they naturally evoke the divine while at the same time moving you toward meditation.


Chant Music for Meditation - Savasana by Wah!

Wah!  Savasana

Wah’s Savasana  is dearly loved by many a yogini — soft, dreamy, drifting music — designed for the end of a yoga set, when you totally relax and drift in the peace.   The mantras blend into the music, an ethereal veil of soft sound wafting in and around you —  perfect music for meditation.  The Hare Krishna is especially nice.

Sacred Chants of Buddha - Meditation Music
Craig Pruess  Sacred Chants of Buddha

Shift to a beautiful masculine voice with this album by Craig Pruess (he’s such a star!).   The Om Mani Padme Hum  is particularly peaceful — so spacious — and the whole album is subdued and profound – the ideal background for meditation.

Sacred Chants of Devi by Craig Pruess and Ananda

Craig Pruess and Ananda – Sacred Chants of Devi

Craig has another album, Sacred Chants of Devi, with Ananda, with one of the best meditation tracks ever, The Devi Prayer, along with the Ganesh Invocation that precedes it – just filled with sacredness and grace, spacious and blissful. The third cut is a little different – it is the sung recitation of the 108 names of the Goddess Devi, the Lalitha Ashtotram.

Chant Meditation Music Album - Deeksha - Divine Grace, by Angelika

Angelika   Deeksha – Divine Grace

Divine Grace is another album of gorgeous chant music for meditation — it’s the music of the spheres, soulful and sweet.

The Liberation Sutra - Chant Music for Meditation The Liberation Sutra

The Liberation Sutra is an especially powerful transition piece, in every sense of the word. First, it’s a powerful prayer for the liberation of mankind from the bonds of suffering.

Second, while most meditation music is soft, flowy and feminine, this is both strong, masculine and complex (AND exquisitely beautiful).

Third, it’s chanted by the Oneness monks, who are pretty amazing beings, meaning that is has extra juice. It’s perfect meditation music for the opening or closing of a meditation. Highly recommend.




Chant Music for Meditation by Various ArtistsVarious Artists

Here are a few other delicious meditation music selections.

Govinda Hare 5:17   Krishna Das  Pilgrim Heart

Mountain Hare Krisha 5:17   Krishna Das  Pilgrim Heart

Moola Prayer  9:40  Sudha & Maneesh De Moor  Om Deeksha

 Ave Maria  9:39  Ashana All is Forgiven






The Best Meditation Music – By Genre


Exquisite and Ethereal

Glorious all-purpose meditation pieces

For the Classical Lover

For those rarified souls who only listen to classical

Beautiful Chants of the East

Hauntingly beautiful mantras to sweep you away

Beautiful Chants of the West

Gregorian Chant

Coming Out of Meditation

Music to gently bring you out of meditation