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Classical Music for Meditation

If you prefer classical music for meditation, there are of number of excellent pieces to choose from.

The challenge with classical is to find pieces that make for good background music, music that moves you quietly inward.  As the great entertainers of their day, classical composers were all about holding your attention – they didn’t want their royal audiences growing bored – and so classical music tends to be moving and dynamic, rather than meditative. Having said that, there are some beautiful pieces that do make for lovely meditation music.

But first, a word. The best classical music for meditation is typically in adagio or largo. Most concertos are pretty lively – lots of allegro and andante, and very little adagio; to find only one slower movement in an entire concerto is not uncommon – which means that putting together a playlist of the best classical music for meditation requires drawing on multiple concertos and composers.

So, it is for this reason that the selections below are drawn from different works.  You can put these together into your own personal meditation compiliation, or in the modern vernacular, your own playlist.  And it is very likely, if you love classical, that you already have many of these works in your collection.


Creating Your Compilation

One good way to structure a meditation compilation (aka playlist) is to start out with the lighter, prettier, sweeter pieces. Because the mind is fascinated by anything that moves, this helps it to relax and settle down.

Then, about halfway, shift to the deeper, quieter pieces for the rest of your allotted time – when you likely drop into deeper states.  At the end, add a nice, long transition piece – preferably inspiring and uplifting – to gently signal that it’s time to come back to your everyday state.

You’ll find the selections below organized into these three groups – Lighter, The Deeper Adagios, and Back to Earth. Essentially, it’s a menu for you to select from.

Classical Music for Meditation


  • JS Bach –  Orchestral Suite #3 In D, Air on the G String 3:36 (Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin)
  • JS Bach  – Concerto in D Minor for Violin, Oboe & Strings, Adagio  5:36  (Okko Kamu, Chamber Orchestra)
  • JS Bach – Concerto In D Minor For 2 Violins, Double – Largo  6:27  (Andrew Manze: Academy Of Ancient Music)
  • Debussy – Suite Bergamasque, L 75 – Clair De Lune 4:59  (Moura Lympany)
  • Vivaldi  – Concerto In D For Lute And Strings,Largo 3:51 (Julian Bream)[/box]

The Deeper Adagios

  • Albinoni – Adagio In G Minor 5:53  (Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin)
  • Beethoven – Piano Sonata #14 in C Sharp Minor, Op. 27/2, Moonlight Sonata 4:00 (Moura Lympany)
  • Barber – String Quartet in B Minor, Op. 11 6:25  (Eugene Ormandy: Philadelphia Orchestra)
  • JS Bach – Violin Concerto #2 in E, 6:12  (Andrew Manze: Academy Of Ancient Music)

Back to Earth – Moving and Uplifting

  • Pachelbel – Canon & Gigue In D – Canon 5:04  (Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields)
  • Beethoven – Ode to Joy from Symphony No. 9 4:27  (Lumiere String Quartet)
  • Mozart – Concerto In C For Flute & Harp, K 299 – Andantino 4:02  (James Galway, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)

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by Sharon Rose Summers