Exquisite & Ethereal Music for Meditation

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Glorious All-Purpose Meditation Pieces

Here you’ll find the most beautiful meditation music you could possibly hope for, glorious all-purpose meditation pieces – sweet, celestial and almost incomprehensibly beautiful.

While it is not unusual to find one or two good meditation cuts on a new-age album, these offerings are those rarest of jewels, whole albums of great meditation music, from beginning to end.


Cloud Dancer by Phillip Elcano - Music for Meditation

Phillip Elcano – Cloud Dancer 

Cloud Dancer is a gorgeous work — layers of music flowing over one another, like an ever-changing river. Purely instrumental, it starts out dynamic and then takes you deep.

This is one of three albums in Elcano’s RainDance trilogy – RainDance and Dancing Within.  The latter two are more dynamic (and less meditative) but also lovely choices of music for meditation.


Meditation Music Album Benediction by Angelika

Angelika – Benediction

This is one of the best meditation albums ever — incredibly beautiful.  After an opening set of exquisite lyrical pieces, the music moves into a very deep and sacred space, taking you with it.  It is truly extraordinary.  Highly recommend.

Angelika has another lovely album, Deeksha – Divine Grace, of sweet sung chants that is also an excellent choice.   AngelikaHealingMusic.com


All is Forgiven by Ashana - Music for Meditation

Ashana – All Is Forgiven

All is Forgiven is another awesome meditation album – celestial, sweet and sacred.  The first cut, a totally new version of Ave Maria, is mezmerizingly beautiful.  The second cut, Embrace, is a blend of perfectly-played glass bowls and Ashana’s sweet voice – gorgeous and ethereal without being overwhelming.  SoundofAshana.com



Sacred Chants of Devi by Craig Pruess and Ananda - Music for Meditation

Craig Pruess and Ananda – Sacred Chants of Devi

Craig Pruess is brilliant – the Ganesh invocation and the Devi Prayer are two of the most beautiful meditation tracks ever – just filled with sacredness and grace, spacious and blissful.

The third cut is a little different – it is the sung recitation of the 108 names of the Goddess Devi, the Lalitha Ashtotram.  Heaven-on-Earth-Music.co.uk




Single Jewels

Here are a few other sweet selections.  I hope to add more of these especially nice pieces of music for meditation as time goes on.

Maneesh de Moor –  Sadhana


  • Pure Essence  5:44
  • Drops of Light  1:02

Red Sun Sound Room – Birth

  • Meditation 13:51



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