Beautiful Transition Pieces

To end a meditation, it’s nice to have one or two cuts – transition pieces – that gently carry you out of deep meditation and back toward your ordinary state.  The very best also inspire and uplift, sending you back into your everyday life with renewed spirit.  Here are some beautiful selections for coming back to earth.

Deva Premal and Miten

So Much Magnificence  7:55  – Songs for the Inner Lover Ishq Allah (Traditional) 5:59 – Songs for the Inner Lover Awakening 5:22 – Soul In Wonder

Lee Ann Womack

 I hope You Dance  4:57 – Single

Stuart Townend

Your Love 4:20 – Personal Worship


St. Francis Prayer – Benediction Ave Maria – Benediction

Michael W. Smith

Breathe 6:57 – Worship More Love More Power 5:10 – Worship

Oneness Music


The Liberation Sutra is an especially powerful transition piece, in every sense of the word. First, it’s a powerful prayer for the liberation of mankind from the bonds of suffering. Second, while most meditation music is soft, flowy and feminine, this is both strong, masculine and complex (AND exquisitely beautiful). Third, it’s chanted by the Oneness monks, who are pretty amazing beings, meaning that is has extra juice. It’s perfect meditation music for the opening or closing of a meditation.  Highly recommend!

Liberation Sutra 7:00 – Single


Music to Come Out of Meditation

More Meditation Music – By Genre


Exquisite and Ethereal

Glorious all-purpose meditation pieces

For the Classical Lover

For those rarified souls who only listen to classical

Beautiful Chants of the East

Hauntingly beautiful mantras to sweep you away

Beautiful Chants of the West

Gregorian Chant

Coming Out of Meditation

Music to gently bring you out of meditation

by Sharon Rose Summers