Oprah and Deepak are offering yet another beautiful meditation journey.  They have done so many of these that I’ve quite lost count, but each one is lovely and worthwhile.

This one is entitled Become What You Believe and focuses on connecting with your core beliefs, on dissolving those that no longer serve you and embracing those that do.

Each day, Oprah opens with her thoughts, then Deepak takes you through a contemplative process. Typically, these journeys are not so much about meditation – about entering a meditative state – as they are about relaxing deeply and then being guided though a meditative visualization.

So, what better way to get centered and do some inner work before the holidays?

It all starts Monday, November 2nd.  If you miss the first few days, don’t worry, they keep each day’s recording up for 5 days.

It’s free, and if you want to buy the whole set later, you can but….well…… to speak frankly, these are pretty pricey, in the $50 – $60 range.  So, it’s good to check it out while it’s free!  Register at:

Chopra Center Meditation