The Winter Feast for the Soul is around the corner!

The Feast for the Soul is forty days of daily meditative practice – your choice.  The thinking is that when you do a practice for this long, it takes root and you’ll come to cherish your daily dose of stillness and serenity.

You can do any practice you like – classic meditation, yoga, qi gong, prayer, art or journaling – whatever you feel called to.

The Feast organizers offer tonnes of online resources, with guided meditation each day.  With rare exception, most days’ guided meditations are recorded, not live.  This makes it possible for participants – and there are thousands – to all set their own schedules.

If for some reason, you’re not pleased with the day’s offerings, you can always avail yourself of the absolutely humongous archive from previous years – over 2,000 free recordings. How amazing is that!

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