The Winter Feast for the Soul is a 40-day journey of daily meditative practice that takes place each year from January 15th through February 23rd.  The idea is that when you do a meditative practice for forty days, it will take root and grow, and you’ll come to cherish your daily dose of stillness and serenity.

Your choice of meditative practice is not limited to classic, still meditation techniques but can be some other practice – yoga, qi gong, tai chi, prayer, journaling or art.  You are free to choose any practice that speaks to you.

To help you do this, the Winter Feast offers forty days of free guided meditations online. This year the guided meditations are organized into three tracks – Joy, Peace and Overcoming – each with selections from a variety of spiritual traditions and teachers, each designed to carry you through the 40-day journey.

With rare exception, most days’ guided meditations are recorded, not live.  This makes it possible for participants – and there are thousands – to all set their own schedules. If for some reason, you’re not pleased with the day’s offerings, you can always avail yourself of the absolutely humongous archive from previous years – over 2,000 free recordings. How amazing is that!

And as if all that weren’t enough, the Winter Feast also offers a Facebook Meditation Coaching and Support Group, year round. You’ll have someone to turn to, if you need it.

So, if you ever wanted to get started, or if you’re just ready to reboot, now is the time!

May you be blessed with a beautiful journey and …. See you at the feast!

Winter Feast for the Soul 2015