World Peace and Prayer Day- Honoring Sacred Sites is both an event and a global meditation.  It starts with a sacred fire – to be honored for four days in the Lakota Indian tradition, from June 19th through June 20th, in the Hudson Valley, New York – and ends with a global meditation wave.

The fire will be placed by Chief Arvol Looking Horse and the ceremony attended by the Sage Boy riders, the Buddhist walkers and the World Peace Prayer Society.  On the 21st, there’ll be a host of speakers, including Tom Goldtooth, Betsy Stang, Chief Phil Lane Jr, Rebecca Tobias, Shri Natha Devi Premananda, Polly Higgins, Faith Spotted Eagle and  Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.

This is just a heads up – for on the four-day event, please visit the good folks at Culture Collective:

Culture Collective

For more on the global meditation, please visit the dedicated folks at Unify  (You may have to scroll down their Facebook postings – at least as of today’s date, their header was out of date):

Unify’s Facebook Page 

 Summer solstice is such a lovely time of year – the glory of summer – and this global meditation gives you an opportunity to really step back from daily life and bask in it all.